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Through the Eyes of a Lion

Recently I read this book Through the Eyes of a Lion and found great inspiration and encouragement. When my son lived in Montana we visited Fresh Life Church in Kalispell where the author of this book, Levi Lusko serves as a pastor. I’m including my review on my blog today because I believe the themes throughout this book are relevant to anyone who has loved and lost someone. I highly recommend reading this book which was just released little more than one week ago. You can learn more about this book and author here and here.

The following is my review:

Through the Eyes of a LionThrough the Eyes of a Lion is a book by a grieving father about the loss of his precious little one. Lusko paints a picture for us all to grieve honestly and embrace every moment of life and live it to the full. He utilizes the vibrant colors of encouragement, hope, and expectation of how God meets us in our deepest valleys. He adds the gray tones of sorrow, grief, and fear and gleaming touches of courage, honesty, and community to create for us a picture that can been seen through the eyes of a lion.

Lusko poses this question in the beginning of the book, “How do you live out an extraordinary calling while doing ordinary things and living in a world that is all screwed up?” In short, his answer is to see life through the eyes of a lion. Like a skilled optician he blends scripture, hashtags, Bible stories, humor, biographical notes about his upbringing and family, as well as modern cultural references. He puts lenses on life’s greatest sadness and struggle to help readers see the bigger theme of calling and community a little more clearly.

His guidance is that “discerning God’s calling is more a relationship than a route, more journey than destination.” Through the loss of a child, he guides us into truth without sugar coating the grief, darkness, and questions he wrestles with today. If you’ve been on the planet for any amount of time you’ve experienced struggle, hopelessness, fear and loneliness. This book illuminates the darkest corners of our fast-paced lives and timeless truths to guide us into the future with hope and assurance of God’s love and presence.

This book is truly inspiring, motivating, and the author’s voice is warm and sincere. Thank you, Lusko family for sharing your story with the world. You are in my prayers.

Ready to change your life? Need inspiration? The Sacred Year is the book for you!

The Sacred YearThe Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski is the best book I’ve read in a long while. It’s the perfect book for anyone seeking to transform their lives. A trailer for the book may be viewed here.

Frustrated, Yankoski decided to make some changes and experience new things in order to live his life more fully. He began his sacred year at a monastery and ended it there. He visited Father Solomon throughout that sacred year and highlights poignant moments in this book as he sought deeper meaning with himself, God and others.

Depth with Self

In this section, Yanokoski sought meaning while at the monastery. The ringing of a bell at the end of a meal signified a time to take notice of the day’s activities. Baking bread and tending a garden taught him attentiveness. He was also caught contemplating an apple for an hour. Have you ever really looked at an apple? There’s so much more to see than the color and shape. He learned how to be still and pay attention to the details of life.

Depth with God

As the author searched for greater depth in relationship to God, he learned there’s a difference between talking with God rather than just talking to God or at God. He spent the most difficult hour of his life in the Hermit’s Cell on the ancient Scottish island of Iona. Amazing how hard it is to be still and quiet for just one hour. I’ve tried it and it’s not easy, but it’s good.

Depth with Others

Yankoski goes to great lengths to discover the source of electricity to his house or where the banana he ate came from. The search was a long process, but it gave him reason to make some changes as a consumer. He also learned great lessons while living in community. Really being part of a community includes the good and not so good times. You learn how to love, forgive and celebrate in meaningful ways.

Not only are the stories of his sacred year engaging, Yankoski’s voice is poetic, warm and artistic. He’s a master storyteller and uses the English language to create exquisite tapestries that leave readers with unforgettable images of life-changing experiences.

The Sacred Year is the kind of book you want everyone to read. When you buy a copy, buy an extra to give away. You’ll be glad you did.

How to Deal with Touchy Subjects

Even in our liberated culture, sexuality is a very personal and touchy subject. Especially touchy for parents to know how best to talk about it with their children. How old should kids be? How much do we tell? How much is too much?

Children see no, hear no, speak no

One important theme repeated throughout Touchy Subjects: Talking to Kids About Sex, Tech and Social Media in a Touchscreen World by David Dean and Craig Gross is: talking about touchy subjects is not a one-time conversation. It is on-going.

Parents cannot hide or act ignorant in these conversations about sexually related topics. If kids ask direct questions, they deserve direct and honest answers. Who better to provide those answers than their parents?

The authors’ stance on young children using social media is sensible and straightforward. Children are still developing as humans, like a Polaroid picture. If they are rushed in their growth, their self-image may become distorted. Adult life is full of responsibilities, no reason to move children to adult-like maturity too quickly. That time will arrive soon enough.

I realize this is a subject many don’t want to discuss. Yet, most of us would agree that our sexuality and how it impacts our self-image and relationships is integral and important. As parents, if we cannot, will not or do not talk about these topics with our kids as they are in our care, they will learn it elsewhere.


In my opinion, this book, Touchy Subjects is a required read for every parent, regardless of your child’s age. Add it to your tool box of parenting resources.

Note: I am not compensated in any way for promoting this book.

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